About the Friends

The Friends of Norscot are essentially the proud custodians of Norscot Manor Recreation Centre.

In September 2013, a community meeting was called out of concern for the future of Norscot Manor.  Consequently, the “Friends of Norscot” (FON), a non-profit organisation was borne.

So who are the Friends?

The “Friends of Norscot” NPO was established to create awareness, help maintain Norscot Manor, establish the heritage and the integral asset to it serves, and bring the community together.  Within their first year, the Friends have registered “Friends of Norscot” as a non-profit organization, held three Community oriented events at the Recreation Centre,  successfully obtained Blue Plaque heritage status, and are now applying for provincial heritage registration.

heir efforts have been in maintaining Norscot Manor and putting the Recreation centre on the map of Johannesburg as the invaluable heritage site and recreational service which it provides to the Fourways community and it’s surrounds.  The Friends have held several community events in the interest of Norscot and the community and have formally named the top section of the Manor “Ethel’s Garden” .